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Sports Massage at Wholistic Health Centre

mother getting a massage on shouldersSports massage is a form of therapy involving the manipulation of soft tissue to benefit someone engaged in regular physical activity. This form of therapeutic treatment is designed to prepare the athlete for optimal performance and athletic excellence.

Benefits of Sports Massage

One of the most common problems that athletes face is delayed-onset muscle soreness. This issue is known as DOMS. It refers to muscle pain that typically develops several hours post-exercise. Recent studies have concluded that sports massage may help reduce and prevent the often painful and debilitating effects of DOMS in athletes.

Other benefits of sports massage include

  • Decreases in fatigue levels
  • Help in preventing the development of DOMS
  • Help in promoting feelings of calmness and focus before and after events
  • Improved athletic performance and confidence
  • Increases in the ability of heavily exercised muscles to relax
  • Increases in flexibility
  • Lessened chances of muscle pulls and tears
  • Maximisation of response time
  • Optimisation of lymphatic system circulation
  • Prevention of muscle spasms, strains and sprains
  • Promotion of peak performance
  • Reduction in the chances of chronically tight muscles
  • Reduction of pain caused by poor blood flow through tight muscles
  • Relief of muscle swelling and tension

An Ideal Sports Massage Regimen

Sports massage should be applied before and after athletic events with “maintenance” sessions between meets or competitions. We recommend that this therapeutic approach be integrated into a weekly training regimen.

Pre-event massage focuses on warming up the major muscles to be used. It improves tissue pliability. The athlete will typically get into a good mental state for competition. It also prepares the competitor to reach for their peak athletic performance potential.
Post-event sports massage is given following an athletic event. This therapeutic care is focused on recovery. It’s geared toward reducing muscle spasms and the toxic build-up that occurs with vigorous exercise.

Let us Help Maximise Your Athletic Potential

Our staff of massage therapists is here to help. Over the years, we’ve cared for hundreds of patients with a variety of massage techniques. We offer not only sports massage, but pregnancy, lymphatic drainage and remedial approaches as well. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable. They have the tools and expertise to make a difference in your life. Please contact Wholistic Health Centre today and book an appointment!


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